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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Love Rival

Love Rival

Lara Stone is jealous of Simon Cowell, so says her husband David Walliams. The Vogue cover girl is getting a little sick of her other half's obsession with the entertainment mogul, it seems.
"Lara's jealous because every time I come back from work - 'Guess what Simon did today?'" Walliams said at yesterday's Britain's Got Talent launch in London. "Sometimes when I get into bed at night I say 'Is it OK if I call you Simon?' The first few times she didn't mind, but then she's wearing the mask."It seems that Cowell doesn't mirror the comedian's affection though.
"My mum and dad had a dachshund dog, as he got a bit older he used to sort of get on my leg occasionally and sort of hump my leg and I'd go: 'Go on Lottie, just go away.' That kind of is our relationship," explained Cowell, adding, "You know the skit he does in Little Britain with the Prime Minister and the gay assistant - that is the relationship."


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