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Monday, March 5, 2012

Yaz Bukey And Her Babes

Yaz Bukey And Her Babes

Pussycat Fight Club was the title Yaz Bukey gave to her Fall 2012 collection of tromp l’oeil accessories, which she revealed last night at her first-ever Paris fashion week presentation. At the dimly lit Maison Darré, the interiors shop of her friend, the set designer and creative director Vincent Darré, Bukey presented surreal, pop-inspired Plexiglas baubles, including flame rings, studded cuffs, and a sweet red heart chapeau, inspired by John Waters’ 1991 greaser parody Cry Baby. “The idea is that this space is a club, and in the hallway there are eight girls in love with Johnny Depp, who for this collection became ‘Johnny Beware.’ They’re all waiting for him desperately but he’ll never come, so it’s a pussycat fight club,” Bukey explained.

The theatrical designer didn’t shy away from inserting herself into the scenes. She transformed herself into nine different characters in the photographs that lined the walls, each decked out with her own Yazbukey accessories. There was, among others, Betty Oops (left), a naive bombshell crowned with a hat of flailing legs; tough and elegant Tina Wontcare (below left), who, in her studded pillbox and Plexiglas collar, can’t be bothered to fret over a man; Lacry Mama (below right), utterly heartbroken in her necklace of crying blue eyeballs and matching earrings; and Lola Romance, the picture of seduction with her red lip necklace, heart-shaped ear cuffs, and pouty pose. Of course, Bukey assumed the macho role of Johnny Beware, too. “He’s been with all the girls, so he’s wearing an accessory from each one of them!” she laughed.

Bukey—who, last night, looked like quite a character herself in a white nurse frock from Vuitton’s Spring 2008 Richard Prince collection, her new leg-motif necklace, and her geometric red cuffs—also revealed that she’s teamed up with scent marvels 12.29 on a candle, available in September. “The base of the scent is gasoline, red lipstick, hair spray, and leather. It’s going to be called Va-va-vroom!” she said. If that doesn’t lure Johnny Beware back to Bukey’s pussycat club, what will?


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