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Alpaca wool is something you have probably heard of, particularly if you are a connoisseur of fine fashion. However despite the relative fame of the material when it comes to garments not many people know what it actually is. Obviously the term alpaca wool indicates that it consists of an animal fleece but most of us could not tell you much more about this wonderful fabric. Here is a brief introduction to alpaca wool: The fibre we know as Alpaca wool comes from a domesticated species of camelid (the family of animals containing camels). It is rather similar to a llama in appearance but is noticeably smaller. The alpaca is a grazing animal which is kept in herds at high altitude in parts of the Andes in its native continent ofSouth America.

Alpacas are reared in countries such asPeru,BoliviaandChileand their wool is exported all over the world for use in luxury items of clothing. Although alpaca wool traditionally refers exclusively to the wool from this particular animal in the textile industry the term has become genericised (the same process that has meant the word Hoover is used to refer to vacuum cleaners of many brands) somewhat, meaning that it is now used to describe garments made of similar materials such as mohair (from the Angora goat) and the fleeces of Icelandic sheep.

Alpaca wool is desirable due to its innate qualities. It is naturally hypoallergenic as it is free from lanolin (the waxy substance produced by many fleece-bearing animals) and is not prickly. It is lustrous and silky so it is understandable why it is so renowned in the world of fashion. Where can I find a specialist in authentic alpaca wool? When it comes to alpaca wool there is just no substitute for the real thing.

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