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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheryl's Back

Cheryl's Back

Cheryl Cole has given fans a preview of her forthcoming spring/summer 2012 shoe collection for StylistPick, by tweeting an exclusive picture of two pairs of cork, peep-toe wedges, featuring a suede bow.Vogue cover girl Cheryl Cole may be most women (and most men's), ideal, but she's explained how she's come to terms with the fact she'll never look quite like Gisele.
"We all want to look like Gisele and look good in those sparkly leggings and then we wear them and don't look good in them because that's Gisele's shape," Cole told us. "We have to accept - well I have to accept - that I'm never going to be 6'2. When you do that and start to dress for yourself and wear what makes you feel good, then you start to feel comfortable. It's important to figure that out."
The singer-turned-designer was talking at the launch of her debut shoe collection for StylistPick - which was unveiled on Online Fashion Week, featuring all from fluffy slippers and tough biker boots to towering platforms and glittering heeled sandals.


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