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Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY! Celeb Hair and Makeup Looks

DIY! Celeb Hair and Makeup Looks

“The look I created for Jennifer was inspired by the '60s. I wanted a gorgeous hairstyle that defined the refined sophistication of that time,” said stylist Lorenzo Martin of Jennifer Lopez’s chignon. He used L’Oréal Paris products to create the Faye Dunaway-style updo. 

Prep: On damp hair, spray EverStyle Volume Root Lifting Spray at the roots. Blow-dry with a round brush. When completely dry, work a small amount of EverStyle Strong Hold Defining Gel evenly throughout hair. 

Style: Pull hair into a high ponytail, securing with an elastic. Split the ponytail into four sections and tease each one separately. Spray hair with Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Unscented Hairspray. Take one section and loop the piece into the ponytail, securing with bobby pins. Follow with the three remaining sections, pinning each one in a different direction to create a multidimensional bun.

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