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Monday, March 19, 2012

Plan B

Plan B

ALEXA CHUNG could well have been a full-time designer - she applied to study at internationally renowned college Central Saint Martins when she was a teenager. In addition to modelling, writing and television presenting, the Vogue cover girl has previously designed for US store Madewell.
"But I didn't get in," she said. "So I feel a bit jealous of [design students], like I want to join in. I should've done this. I'm from a family of designers, so this feels very natural to me. And I veered into TV, but always end up in fashion one way or another. I suppose, even though I didn't get in to Saint Martins, I managed to leapfrog the process."
Now a British Fashion Council young ambassador and British Designers Collective spokesperson, Chung's impact on the fashion world is undeniable - although, she says, such power does have its downfalls.
"So I'm told about the influence I have, but it's not me - it's Alexa Chung," she told the Observer. "It does make it difficult to shop, though. I walk around thinking, 'everything's a bit samey.' Then I realise that the stuff I think is samey - like the saturation of Peter Pan collars - comes from me."


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