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Monday, March 5, 2012

Show Solution

Show Solution

New York and London have agreed to move their spring/summer 2013 show dates, in order to resolve the show schedule conflict. NYFW will take place from September 6 until September 13, and London will follow from September 14 through to September 18 - a week earlier than planned and avoiding any clash with the Milan schedule which kicks off on September 19.
"Both organisations remain committed to finding a long term solution that would see a confirmed Fashion Season where brands and designer businesses in all four fashion capitals (New York, London, Milan and Paris), can plan for the long term and when exceptional circumstances arise there is dialogue and empathy to find a solution that works for all," a BFC statement read today.Week organisers have rejected the CFDA's new proposed show dates, which would have helped to avoid the much debated schedule clash. New York had asked France's Chambre Syndicale if it could start its September 2012 shows a day later - but the request has been refused after Paris decided that the changes would delay retail orders, making for less time to organise deliveries.
"This is a disappointing response when all other parties had been trying to work together to find a resolution that works for all," a BFC spokesperson told us.
The deal would also have been dependent on New York agreeing to shed the last day of its shows, which it has so far rejected.


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