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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kate's Fabulous

Kate's Fabulous

Kate Moss is set to star in a one-off special of Absolutely Fabulous, in aid of Sport Relief on March 23. The supermodel joins close friend Stella McCartney and Emma Bunton, as well as sportsmen Colin Jackson and Linford Christie, who will all make guest appearances.
The British beauty teamed up with McCartney last month, as she modelled the designer's latest collection at her London Fashion Week show. She also supported her friend at the turning-on of her  Christmas lights in December 2011, at which Ab Fab character Eddie was the guest of honour.Jennifer Saunders has offered up a few highly anticipated details about Stella McCartney's Absolutely Fabulous cameo, which is due to hit our screens this Christmas.
"It's funny because [in this series] the joke is that Stella McCartney won't ever let Eddy into her shop to get any clothes," Saunders told Stylist. "Lots of people go in but the door is always locked and I can't get in. And I'm like, 'Stella! Why don't you love me?' I fall at Stella's feet at a drinks reception and go, 'I'd look great in your clothes!' She treats me like her stalker, which I've become. But actually, in real life, Stella told me, 'Oh, I'd love Edina to look really nice in my clothes. Can't she have a Stella makeover?' And I said, 'No, she can't!'"
In the new series, McCartney succeeds Lacroix as Eddy and Patsy's label of choice - a mixed blessing for the designer, so Saunders explained.
"I said 'Don't you mind being the new Lacroix?'" Saunders recalled of a previous conversation with McCartney. "And she said 'No, but he did go out of business didn't he?' But I was like, 'Don't worry, it's not a curse.'"


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